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Bathtub refinishing, coatings, and supplies of the highest quality have made Munro Products a leader in the bathtub refinishing industry since 1972. Their bathub refinishing supplies and services, and over 30 years experience, will help with even the most difficult bathtub restoration projects.

The MicroSeal® bathtub process is an extremely unique tub restoration system that restores the whole bathtub fixture in a mass-production procedure. We can complete as many as 60 bathtubs per day and they are back into service within 6 hours after tub completion.

The MicroSeal® bathtub surface gives worn bathtub fixtures new-life, a safe slip guard bottom and an enhanced beautiful bright appearance. This method is great for periodic room inspections, between and during remodeling of hotel bathrooms.

The Micro Seal® system is inexpensive with no loss of hotel revenue while using this service. There is very little smell and no mess to hotel rooms where the bathtubs are being restored.
• Low Cost
• Environmentally Safe
• Durable Finish
• High Daily Production
• No Mess to Rooms
• Fast Drying
• Quick Room Turnaround
• No Loss of Hotel Revenue
• Warranty & Inspection
The UltraShield system rejuvenates old worn-out bathtub & tile fixtures at a fraction of the cost of replacement. UltraSheild delivers high quality results and high turn around. In most cases production of the UltraShield system is roughly 25 bathtub fixtures per day and completed fixtures are back into service within 12 hours after the tubs have been completed.

This system is used when bathtubs, tile wall & plastic shower modules have lost their ability to be restored with the microseal process. This also includes bathtub and tile fixtures that have been refinished improperly and are peeling or fixtures that need a color change.

The UltraShield system restores the fixtures to a like-new appearance that is durable, shiny and lasts for many years.
• UltraSpray Finish
   Worn Tubs, Tile & Surrounds
• UltraFlo Finish
   Green Refinishing System for Tubs
• UltraSpatter Finish
   Worn Counter Tops, Floor Tile & Bases
• Durable & High Gloss Finish
• 3 Year Warranty & Inspection
• Environmentally Safe/Low VOC
• Color Fast/No Yellowing
• Rooms Quickly Back to Service
• Fast Dry Application
• High Daily Production
The SecureGrip™ bathtub & floor system process is generally used on all commercial sites. This product is a plastic aggregate that is used in the refinishing & restoration process to make wet areas slip resistant.

The SecureGrip™ materials have been thoroughly tested and meet all federal codes as .5 slip-resistant tread.
• Improve Safety & Reduce
• Repairs Damaged Tub Bottoms
• Meets Federal Codes
• Low Cost
• Permanently Applied
• 3 Grip Levels
 - Satin Grip
 - Medium Grip

 - Course Grip